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What makes the nilaya special?

We are a



In every way, we are a boutique hotel - Small in size, but packed with art, modern decor, quaint corners, luxury facilities, and lots and lots of experiences. 

We are a



We work hard to keep our water, plastic, and electricity needs low. Throughout your stay, you will notice details on how we make this possible.

We are a



We love our pooches! All rooms on our ground floor and many areas are open for pets, as long as you are a responsible pet owner. Do inform us if you want to get your pet along with you first.

Outdoor Activities


We are blessed with clear night skies and that means we can spot planets, constellations, thousands of stars and if you are lucky - shooting stars and the majestic Milky Way! We go for this 15-20 minute walk around 11pm in the night. 


We offer a guided, complimentary, nature walk to all our guests. These can range from 20 to 120 minutes, depending on the time you have and the area you'd like to explore. Please inform the reception in advance if interested.


We have a small garden which has a see-saw, set of swings, a trampoline and a badminton court. Surrounded by the play area is a bonfire pit for the evening.

Activity Attic

Our attic is located on the top floor.  Take the elevator to the third floor and then walk up a flight of stairs to our activity attic. There's something for everyone! A pool table, foosball, carrom, and lots of boardgames. Please return the games in the same condition as you found them.


We consistently add and replace board games. You can expect UNO, Monodeal, Cards Against Humanity, Taboo, Sequence, Scrabble, Chess, Twister, Jenga, Connect 4 etc.


We offer a pool table (adults only), carom board and foosball table.


Apart from several books and magazines kept in different corners of the hotel, we also have a dedicated library with books spanning several genres.


Unlimited high-speed internet is on offer in all areas of the property, including the rooms and dining areas. Although the internet is pretty reliable, it's subject to the local weather.


2 pretty gazebos offer a private space for your group where you can watch the sunset or enjoy a round of cards! You will love these Instagram favourite spots.
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