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How to plan a proposal in the hills - GUIDE

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Every love story deserves that fairy tale moment where the boy or the girl gets down on one knee, the birds and the bees sing, the evil witch goes into her lair sulking, and celebrations begin over the castle. Maybe I am going a little overboard but at The Nilaya, we take our proposals seriously. If you are confused on how to plan yours right, here's our guide!

Location. Location. Location.

Just because you want to propose in the hills doesn't mean that the location is set. Now you need to pick from atleast a million spots Himachal has to offer. A sunset viewpoint? Bang in the middle of a forest? By the river? Right after paragliding? Under the starry sky? At a restaurant booked for you with a view? I mean the options are endless and the logistics vary immensely.

A remote location will come with a lot of challenges of decor, timing, the element of surprise, whereas a popular destination is easier to execute but you would need to do more to make it special.

Mashobra and the nearby places have plenty of options. We see most proposals in our bar or in the forest patch nearby.


Getting the area done up with good taste is a task high up in the hills. So it's better that you have an example and run it past by whoever will be helping you set this up. We usually ask the proposee (for a lack of a better term) courier us any personal decor a few days in advance so we are all set.


You've already lost the title of 'Proposal of the Year' if it is common knowledge that you are going to bend the knee. The surprise is genuinely the best part of the proposal so sharpen your acting skills, don't stare at your better half with a grin that you are going to make the evening magical in just a few hours.

Part 2 would be to work on a surprise element. Get personal (more on that below), or fly in their friends or family and make sure they don't know. Flash-mobs can work too.

Capture the moment!

Often a missed step! Get a friend, not just any friend - someone who is decent with photography to capture it all. Even better - Hire a photographer or videographer to get it all on tape! We are always loaded with contacts :D

Time it right

As romantic as a starry night proposal sounds, the middle of the night leaves little room for anything else. Ideally, go for the golden hours. The sunset would be our pick, everything looks prettier and the light will make your faces glow - For the pictures you will be sharing for decades to come. Think wisely.

Music is needed!

A portable speaker to play her/his favourite song. Or you could pre-record something if you can sing. Want to take it a step higher? Get a singer to sing it live while humming the guitar and the moment becomes special instantly.

Get personal.

Focus on a your couple song, print out your vacation pictures, play a line from her favourite movie, do a silly dance that always makes the other person laugh. Record messages from family members and play it during the proposal. Get her favourite flowers and keep them everywhere. Buddy, this one is important, get working today.

Follow it up with something special.

Even though you will feel like the pressure if off your shoulders now that he/she said yes (In case you get rejected I can offer to sit with you for a drink, that's what friends-cum-hosts do), the expectations are at an all time high.

Pre-book a meal, with the works - Bottle of bubbly, private space, your music, favourite food and then just sit and have an amazing time together.

The Nilaya is proud to have hosted some incredible proposals (all the images have been shot by us) and invite all other lovers to lock their love-story with us. We will brainstorm with you and make sure all the logistical help is available even if it's the two of you or a secret surprise by 20 other family members.

If you have something in mind, mail me at and we can work on something incredible together.


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