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Hello! I am Laksh, and I run The Nilaya, a small boutique hotel in Mashobra, Shimla. I moved to Mashobra in 2017 and fell in love with this part of the Himalayas. Over the years, I have had the privilege of knowing the insides of living in the hills, traveling here, and I think its time to share these insights with everyone!

Also, I got really frustrated during my initial months here, as almost all blogs and guides to Mashobra were just click bait articles. Throwing words like 'Best places for Camping', 'Best places for Paragliding' and sorts without any actual details and with stock imagery. I particularly get irked when I see images of everywhere from Khirganga to Chail to Kasol being passed off as Mashobra >:(


This is my effort to give genuine, unbiased advice and suggestions. I do understand that I will end up plugging The Nilaya in my articles, but it's my sincere endeavour to make these plug-ins appropriate and relevant to the information I am giving.

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