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Food & Drinks

We have a fully stocked kitchen that'll whip up local and exotic meals on order or serve a buffet that'll end up making you loosen your belt. Himachali food is our passion and is a must-have during your visit. We also serve classic continental, oriental and North-Indian cuisine as well. 

Do try some the Chef's Specials at The Nilaya, here is a glimpse of what you should expect...

Restaurant & Deck

We serve several cuisines in our restaurant that offers stunning views of the Shimla hills. You can explore the following cuisines and specials at The Nilaya:


Fresh, thin-crust pizzas and pastas


Grilled fish, chicken, and cottage cheese platters


Manali Trout, Sepu Vadi, Anardana Chicken, Gobi Chane ka Madra, Cha Ghost

We have a state-of-the-art Italian Espresso machine, and we use Blue Tokai beans

Oriental & Thai

Gravies, Noodles, Rice, and Thai Curries


Tandoor and a plethora of curries and rotis

Fresh stone base pizzas
Breakfast at The Nilaya
Breakfast at The Nilaya
Himachali Thali
Pasta at The Nilaya

The Glasshouse Bar

Although we are located high in the Himalayas, we take pride in our cocktails! Try our whisky sours, margaritas, cosmopolitans, pina coladas, bloody marys and more - While we assure you we will nail the taste and quality (premium alcohol based).

We also serve a wide selection of wines, beers, spirits and liqueurs at The Nilaya in our glasshouse bar.

Bar at sunset
Our glasshouse bar
Wine selection at The Nilaya
Bar at events
Bar for private events
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