Pet  Policy!


The Nilaya is a pet friendly property. We LOVE our furry friends but they come with their set of responsibilities. And unfortunately, not everyone is as obsessed with dogs as we would like. 


We are listing some rules for pets at The Nilaya, which are a standard in most hotels . The most important rule is that

ONLY ground floor rooms are pet friendly

in case your booking is for a higher floor/category, we would have to downgrade or cancel after consultation with you.

  • We allow only small to medium sized dogs. If you are not sure about your pet’s breed, just check-with us.

  • Your pet must not be aggressive - both towards our staff and other guests

  • Your pet must be clean, and it’s the owner’s responsibility to wash the dog in case they get dirty

  • Your pet must not have fleas

  • Your pet must have proof of current vaccinations

  • Your pet must use designated areas and owners must clean pet waste immediately and dispose of in an outdoor dustbin

  • Dogs should be kept on leash at all times while on hotel grounds

  • It is the owner's responsibility to take measures to prevent any barking at night time, to ensure that other guests’ sleep is not disturbed

  • Pets cannot be left in the garden areas in the night time and must be taken to the room with you

  • Please bring your pet’s food bowls and bedding, as we don’t offer beds due to the chance of fleas passing

  • In case your pet is used to sleeping on the bed, we will provide an additional bedcover 

  • In case your pet has dietary requirements, please check our dog menu. We don’t keep pedigree/canned food.

  • You will financially responsible for any damage caused by the pet and any expenses incurred by the hotel for pet disturbances.

  • Please keep in mind that we do have our own dogs, that roam free and stay inside (a mix of that).

Restricted Areas

  • Attic (Due to carpets)

  • Waiting area of reception (Due to carpets)

  • Indoor Restaurant

  • Rooms on attic, third, second, and first floor.

Pet  friendly Areas

  • Rooms on the ground floor

  • Reception

  • Parking

  • Lift

  • All outdoor areas

  • Open-air restaurant

  • Bar

Pet menu

  • Boiled Chicken with Veggies - 200 Rs small portion

  • Boiled Vegetables - 100 Rs small portion

  • Boiled Chicken with Rice - 150 Rs small portion

  • Boiled Eggs x 4 - 100 Rs

Please note: We would highly recommend booking directly with us and discussing your pet's needs so its a hassle free experience at the time of check-in. In case you must book via a booking portal, just give us a heads up via a call or email first.