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The climate in Mashobra is predominantly cool during winters and moderately warm during summer. Temperatures typically range from −6°C to 31 °C over the course of a year.


December - February

-7 to 10 degree Celcius

Winters mean snow and all our guests eagerly wait for that fateful day! The season has generally dull weather with overcast skies leading to frequent snowfall. Occasional clear days offer relief with warm winter sun and striking night skies.


March - April

10 to 20 degree Celcius

A welcome relief from the bone-chilling arrives with the spring as the barren trees bloom! Spot cherry, apple, apricot, plum, and peach trees along with wildflowers bloom in pastel hues. Clear blue skies dotted with clouds are a sight for sore eyes, you might even experience an occasional shower or thunderstorm. 

Unlike the 500 days of summer that plains experience, the short summer season at The Nilaya has clear skies, warm days, and pleasant evenings. A table fan is all that is needed during the afternoon and the evening brings a comfortable nip in the air.


May - June

16 to 30 degree Celcius


July - September

13 to 30 degree Celcius

Our favourite time to be in Mashobra is when it rains! Cool and humid conditions with regular showers lead to a massive change in the vegetation. Every inch of the area turns into different hues of green and you'll regularly see clouds enter your bedroom. Continuous rain, which once lets down, gives way to some of the most beautiful sunsets and night skies. 


October - November

8 to 25 degree Celcius

Clear skies are accompanied by a winter chill. The greens give way to browns as trees shed their leaves and shrubs wither away. Cold evenings signal the start of bonfires and it's time to unpack your trustworthy woolens. 

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