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Mashobra Weather - What to expect!

The weather in Mashobra is one of the top reasons why people flock here year round. The weather varies drastically throughout the year but one thing is certain - It will be nice and cold.

To make this article useful and precise, I will try to break it down by seasons and months, however, as it is with hills and climate change, the patterns might be unpredictable and I'd suggest you check the weather apps to be sure before packing your clothes.


December - February

-7 to 10 degree Celcius

Winters in Mashobra are intense. But that's the thrill of coming here during the winter months! The agenda on everyone's mind is the same - SNOWFALL! It snows 2-7 times during these months, and there is no set pattern. However we have detailed everything you need to know about Snowfall in Mashobra here if you want to know more details.

Although the sun is strong, the evenings get pretty cold pretty fast. We suggest pack thermals for upper and lower body, warm socks, gloves, mufflers, caps, and a good winter jacket. Down feather jackets are a saviour here! If you are properly packed and layered, it becomes easy to enjoy the outdoors and focus on having fun, rather than battling the cold.


March - April

10 to 20 degree Celcius

The Spring here last for about 2 months, where the barren trees bloom and leaves once again take over the empty branches. The fruiting trees flower during this time too, resulting in our very own Cherry Blossom Season in Mashobra. We would suggest packing your winter best during the spring time too, as the temperature can dip suddenly during rain and thunderstorms, and an occasional snowfall is possible too.


May - June

16 to 30 degree Celcius

The Summer Season lasts for about 2 months here. And is packed with people escaping the 45+ degrees of the plains. In the recent years, it does get hot here in the day, but by evening it's back to pleasant winds cooling down the area. You can comfortably wear your shorts, tees, and summer dresses during this time. However, do pack a light jacket for later in the evening.


July - September 13 to 30 degree Celcius

The most underrated time to be in Mashobra is during the rains. For about 2-3 months, showers grace the area and turn it into a tropical paradise. The temperature is good enough to roam around in your summer wear, but with a light jacket as an additional gear. Raincoats and Umbrellas are must haves, as exploring the area while it drizzles is just too much fun! Except sensational sunsets and mist filled drives during this time.


October - November

5 to 25 degree Celcius

The transition months to winter from summer, where you feel a nip in the air! The trees start shedding and winter wear makes a comeback. An idea time to get a glimpse of Himachali winter without the sub zero temperatures. Carry warm winter clothes with you during this time.

To sum it up, all the seasons here have their own charm! And the area changes and adapts. It's up to you to find your comfort spot, as Mashobra is always ready to host you.



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