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Snowfall in Mashobra! All you need to know.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Winter pictures from Shimla often feature snow and when it snows, boy does it make headlines over the country! In the blistering heat of India, Mashobra is blessed to receive regular snowfall every year.

Best months to visit

The first snowfall usually happens around the last week of December, moving to January at times and we've even seen it as early as 15th December.

Snowfall lasts till about mid-march, with weather patterns getting more unpredictable by the year.

Dry Snow - December to January end. This snow lasts for a while when it falls and is the one you should aim for

Wet Snow - Falls after mid-feb. Melts soon after it falls making it easier to travel.

How to time your stay to see fresh snowfall

Weather is something you cannot predict accurately but there are some hacks.

1) Accuweather gives you a month long prediction, but this is highly inaccurate. Snow days usually shift by 1-6 days regularly.

2) Your phone weather (I reply on Apple Weather) is by far the most accurate one that I have found. The 7-day prediction is good enough for you to plan a vacation

Driving/Travelling in the snow

Once you find a day which shows the rare snow sign, plan to reach your hotel atleast a day before the snow. Buses, cars, trains run as usual, however they stop once the snow gets intense and points in Shimla/Kufri get blocked. Check with your hotel if there's ice on the road from the snowfall before and in case it is, drive slow, on the first gear with no overtaking.

Getting stuck

There is always a small possibility of getting stuck in the snow, and most people are scared of this thought so much so that they refuse to travel in the snow. The reality is very different. You will only get stuck in the snow if you are driving through a road while it is heavily snowing or if your hotel gets snowed in.

If you do manage to do so here are some tips:

- Ask locals for help. A few cars will always be around no matter what, ask for help and let them guide you. Heed to their advice on what to do in the situation

- Extend you stay and enjoy the snow instead of driving out when you are advised against it

Snow gear

First and foremost, you will get wet if you don't wear proper gear so here are some tips

- Wear waterproof boots, with a good heel to ensure your feet don't get wet

- Wear a waterproof jacket, preferably with a hood

- Wear gloves, waterproof again. You won't be able to make a good snowman if your hands are freezing :D

Where to go in Mashobra when it snows?

Literally right outside where you are. Every nook and cranny becomes instagrammable after getting covered in the snow.

If you have a flat land nearby, head there. It's the best place to play in the snow. Avoid any steep trails as the path will not be distinguishable after getting covered in snow.

What if it doesn't snow?

Always be prepared for this possibility. No one can guarantee you a spell of snow, but fear not. There are numerous trails around Mashobra and Kufri that have untouched patches of snow for weeks after a fresh fall.

You can follow us on Instagram here where we give regular updates on the next snowfall on our instastories during winter months.


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