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Romantic experiences in Mashobra, Shimla

There are literally hundreds of articles on romantic experiences in Mashobra on the internet, however, not even one is genuine. As a resident of Mashobra, and someone who believes that romance in the hills is quintessential, here are my best tips for you...

Let's get this clear - Mashobra is a small quaint town, with very little to do. The beauty lies in this itself. Within the small area of Mashobra, here are some recommendations:

Picnic in the woods

The easiest, yet a fulfilling experience is to go for picnic for two. There are numerous spots around Mashobra. the popular ones being:

1) Naldehra Golf Course

Not the Golf Course, but after you trek up the route to the forest patch, walk past the snack joints to a few empty patches where you can spread your bed-sheet and have some quaint time.

2) Craig Nano Talai

On the internal road from Mashobra to The Nilaya, lies a local hotspot for picnics. A patch of well maintained meadow with a manmade pond. You can relax here for a few hours under the winter sun or in the shade of the trees during summers

However, if you ask me, you won't find the privacy or the solitude in these places no matter what, especially during the season time. In this situation, ask your hotel/home stay about local grounds and pack your own lunch.

At The Nilaya, we offer pre-packed picnic baskets and send a guide with you to secret spots - trash and human free, where we leave you to relax for as long as you want, and after a 30 minutes heads up, we can come back to pick up the stuff and lead you back to the hotel.

Drive around

We would highly suggest getting your own vehicle in the hills if you are fond of driving. You can thank us later! There are 2 amazing drives that you can take from Mashobra. A bit of a fair warning though - These drives are not to a particular spot in Tattapani or Narkanda, as both the towns are quiet and beautiful, but may not appeal to a tourist looking for cafes or mall roads. But it's for you to cherish the drive itself. Stop as much as you can, take as many breaks as possible, and that's the beauty of driving in the hills.

1) Mashobra to Tattapani

I would suggest to avoid going to the actual town, and instead look for a view point where you can spot Satluj below you, chill there for a while, and turn back.

2) Mashobra to Narkanda

It's a 2 hour drive one way, and the roads are paved and well-maintained. You drive through several apple orchards and through Kufri, Fagu and Theog.

Pick a trail

The best part about being so close to the forest is that you can pick any of the tiny trails leading into a forest and you will find your own personal trail! It's always adventurous to tread on a path less taken, and once you conquer this fear, it's a thrill like no other.

We can always suggest you trails next to the property or send a guide with you.

Sit at a bar or restaurant

Although there are hardly any stand-alone cafes or restaurants that are good, there are many good hotels around that welcome walk-in guests. Our own bar at The Nilaya is our obvious pick! It's in a glasshouse surrounded by fairy lights.

Our patio on the other hands offers panoramic views of the Shimla Hills.

Visit Naldehra

Just like Mashobra, Naldehra is a small settlement of hotels mainly around the Golf Course (And what a golf course it is!). It's located 15-20 mins away from Mashobra, and we will be writing an in-depth guide of what to do in Naldehra soon.

Visit Kufri

Kufri is much more 'touristy' than Mashobra and you might have heard it for years now. There are many things to do here, including visiting the Zoo, Horse Rides, Pictures with Yaks, finding snow patches during most of the winter season, and a couple of amusement parks. An in-depth guide to Kufri will come up on this blog soon.

The Nilaya is located between Mashobra and Naldehra on the road that connects both the places. And is approximately 10-15 minutes drive from both the places (mid point).


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