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The Nagasaki Wedding - Top 10 moments at The Nilaya

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

For those who are new, we hosted a wonderful boutique wedding in Mashobra in April 2019. The wedding went on be featured as one of the best of the year across wedding portals, so we thought it's about time we spilled some beans and share our top 10 moments from #TheNagasakiWedding

1) The Decor

Here's the gist of it all - When you plan, PLAN WITH NONYA. The young and energetic wedding planner was in-charge of all details - small or large, and executed them with finesse. At times, I find it hard to believe that this is The Nilaya when I see the wedding pictures.

You can contact Plan with Nonya for your event here.

2) The sheer extravaganza that were the Bride & the groom

There were no limits when it came to the fashion quotient at The Nilaya. Nupur, the bride, wore probably the longest train anyone has ever worn in Himachal. And Aakash, the groom, looked dapper in perfectly fitted tux.

What's not be missed is the SHOES. Iridescent, mermaid looking, custom wedding shoes (For a couple that runs a shoe business, something interesting was expected, but this was insane!)

3) Roasts, Toasts and the Hosts.

The right vibe was set pretty early only by the hosts - Our resident star Kritika Kamra and Pun-Master Abhishek Malhotra

Followed by toasts by the friends, and one truly nasty roast by friend/foe/host - Laksh Arora, aka, the one writing this blog. I don't want to blow my own trumpet but I am glad this went well. (For everyone but the couple who were the butt of the jokes).

4) DJ Fadescha in the Glasshouse Bar!

The finale after everyone got appropriately tipsy/sloshed was DJ Fadescha! Stage name for Vidisha, a regular name in the Delhi house circuit, who doubled up as a the Bollywood/retro/old school rock pumping DJ for the night and a wedding-guest/friend to the couple.

5) Cocktail Hour

What's a cocktail party without cocktails that will blow your mind? Think popcorn infused vodka, spicy sangrias, Old Fashioned meets sparkling wine, Cosmopolitans, and lots of beer and wine.

We sourced an incredible bartender for the evening to make sure the couple gets what they wanted - PERFECTION.

6) The Red-carpet Feel

The evening was themed around Black and Gold, dress to impress. And boy did people turn up some looks in our little town of Mashobra! Let the pictures speak for themselves.

7) The overnight Cherry Blossom (Apple Blossom to be precise)

The couple were pretty worried since it snowed just a few weeks before the wedding and it was bitter cold. And then, 4 days before the wedding the weather flipped... right out of a fable, the sun shone bright, the snow melted, and every single tree and shrub bloomed.

In particular, The Nilaya is surrounded by Apple Farms on 2 sides. And these trees bloom (similarly to the famous Cherry Blossom in Japan) and turn everything in pastel hues of pink. The pictures speak for themselves:

8) Games to break the ice

With the bride and the groom hosting an event full of friends and relatives, many of whom hadn't interacted in an intimate space before, they chose the ideal way to break the ice was - through a LOT of fun games!

Watch the video below to see how much fun could possibly be packed in one crazy night.

9) The impromptu Dholki Night

We actually hosted 2 events, not one. With the wedding guests that arrived early, we held a dholki evening without any preparation and as it turned out... The party started that night!

The guests danced till wee hours of the night donned in their colourful Indian attires.

10) The EPIC Photos & Videos

While we were busy with the logistics of pulling this mega-event off, the dedicated team of videographers and photographers behind Epic Stories captured every moment. And the after-movie makes The Nilaya and the wedding look like it's a part of a big-budget Hollywood starrer.

We made friends with these boys and would highly recommend them to couples who would love to do something different. Check them out here.

You can watch the complete video of #TheNagasakiWedding here

Most of the pictures and all the videos are by Epic Stories.

To host your event at The Nilaya, contact us by mailing at for a personalised session with the host to understand what we could pull off for you.


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