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The story of Senorita - First resident of The Nilaya

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

To kickstart this blog, I must dedicated the first post to our darling, Senorita.

In August 2017, I had just moved to Mashobra and on the way to the construction site that is The Nilaya today, we came across the tiniest puppy about to become roadkill. We rescued her and looked for her mother and siblings for hours but couldn’t find them. And all this while, the trembling little pup slept in my arm peacefully. I didn’t live in Mashobra permanently, so we took her to The Nilaya, still very much under-construction.

Our young construction manager Deepak immediately took the responsibility of ensuring she survived the first few weeks and soon, the local alpha Pahari Dog, Sheru, made her a part of his pack. In all the rubble and mess, Senorita became everyone’s favourite piece of entertainment. She slept in the painter’s blanket, had food with the carpenter and went for walks with the plumber.

Senorita became the queen of The Nilaya, there isn’t a corner she hasn’t slept in, there isn’t a visitor she hasn’t jumped on. No matter how many times we’d take her out of the hotel, we’d still find her sleeping on one of the couches in the morning. All we could do is cuddle her even more, would you just look at how cute she looks?

Watch the video to see her sneaking in every corner, demanding the place as her own.

Sadly, around April 2018, she went missing, considering she was a very healthy dog so our best guess is a leopard attack (A very common situation in the hills, leopards have taken many dogs in the area). While we understand the circle of life, we miss our little Senorita a lot. Rest in peace love. You were the first resident at The Nilaya, and the memories shall always be cherished.

PS. The Nilaya is a semi-pet friendly property right now. What that means is we are not publicly listed as a pet-friendly property but if you check with us, we make exceptions all the time depending on the occupancy and dog temperament.


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