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16 Amazing mountain tattoos to inspire you

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

It goes without saying that mountains are easy to fall in love with. You start with one trip to Shimla or Mussoorie or Kasauli and before you know it you are trekking to Kheerganga, discovering Tirthan Valley or having a trout in Manali. One great way to pay an ode to this mountain love is getting inked inspired by the mighty Himalayas!

As a tattoo and a mountain lover, I went and researched for the best tattoos (IMHO) that someone in love with the hills can get inspired by. In no particular order:

1. WHAT THE - How amazing are the colours?

Alright, I am calm now. But the design, colours, shading, is just perfect on this one.

2. By the Dal Lake...

Muted colours give this scene life! Snow-clad mountains overlooking a lake. And a Shikara if I may dream so. Total Kashmir feels.

3. Best in Black and White

Although this is a common mountain tattoo design, if you get it from an amazing artist, the results can be as good as this one.

4. Trippin' in the hills

The bright colours, no boundaries, just crazy good tattoo work.

5. Small but artsy

A different take on the mountain and sun tattoo. Everything seems right about this one. The sun, wind, and the peak.

6. Crisp and nice

Jagged peaks coming out of a geometric shape - What's not to love? The simple rendition been done well.

7. Dreamy and creative

The hiking symbol, probably the simplest sign to understand in the hills - And full of colour depth. One of my personal favourites here!

8. Minimal Love

Taking the classic mountain lines and adding the dotted sun makes this different in a good way!

9. David Peyote Inspired

David Peyote is one of my favourite artists. And this glitter effect on this is what dream tattoos are made of.

10. Picture Perfect

I mean, one needs to truly appreciate how accurate is this painting/picture tattoo! If you have access to good artists like this one, take your own click, and let them tattoo that. It will be one for the books.

11. Huge tattoo inspiration

Large tattoos that are busy often don't turn out right. But this one makes plenty of use of the guy's natural contrast and the other half of the ibex - I mean the shading is incredible.

12. The shade of it all

The white colour on this is so subtle but it makes all the difference. An amazing tattoo according to me.

13. The right kinda minimal

For those who want a small tattoo, this is perfect. It covers a big area, but leaves a lot of skin as empty space. Love it!

14. Just the right hues

Difficult to pick between the right or the left. Probably the red one. These borderless tattoos look really good, don't they?

15. Over the rising sun

The right amount of art meets geometry. Just the difference in the thickness of the 2 lines makes me fall in love with this tattoo artist.

16. Through the looking glass

One of my other favourites in the list. I would maybe change the yellows to oranges and pinks but totally would get something like this on me!

To wrap things up. Get something unique. And get it from the best studio you can, the tattoo will indeed last a lifetime.


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